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25 Must-have country records?
  • Hey guys and gals —

    My apologies if such a thread exists already on this site, but since this a forum under the website of a guy who knows his way around a Telecaster, or two, I reckon a good number of “y’all” must know country music better than I do.

    So that said — if I were to start listening to country music, and I really want to — what are say, 25 or so albums that I simply MUST have? What is the country equivalent to Kind of Blue, Physical Graffiti, A Love Supreme, Abbey Road, or Layla?

    I’ve got a greatest hits of Buck Owen which I love, a little Johnny Cash, a little Haggard, the Little Willies (of course!).... what else and who else is there?

    Doesn’t have to be guitar-centric, but that’s always a plus! (Also dig the pedal steel!). ;)

  • I can't give you specific albums, but this list will be incomplete if it does not contain Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, and Marty Robbins (in addition to the ones you already named).
  • Ok. Waylon — I’m going to check him out for today. Mart Robbins I’ve seen sing on the Johnny Cash show, and he sounds great!
  • I might suggest "Hank Williams Greatest Hits"

    ...and there are few personal likes in the Vinyl Treasures catalog ... https://www.guitarplayer.com/author/jimcampilongo
  • Yes — just saw the Johnny Paycheck “Live” at Carnegie Hall.

    You know, one thing you wrote in there — “I’m drawn to country players before they grow facial hair” (sic) — I must say I know what you’re talking about. I have this Johnny Cash Show DVD set that my 5 year old son freaks out over, and on it is Waylon Jennings. Waylon is completely clean shaven, in fact, he looks like he could be an officer on the Star Trek Enterprise. Anyway... I’m knocked out by his singing and guitar playing. I must say I prefer this to the “outlaw” stuff that he did soon after. I don’t know exactly why... but I just do!

    I’m gonna hit up Hank Williams next!
  • I'll add one of my favorites:
    "Red Headed Stranger" by Willie Nelson
  • Thanks, Cajun!
  • Yes — keep me coming.

    I’ve found 40 greatest hits by Hank Williams. Just awesome stuff...

    Amazing how much this music swings!

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