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Be polite and respectful. Don't sell stuff. No envy, no fear, no meanness.
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  • Really nice post. Regarding negative posts on FB, I never understood the logic: Don't know if I've ever seen someone's opinion changed by yelling at them or talking down to them. Being open-minded seems like a better tactic not only to change your own mind, but also potentially others.

    I will say that I really struggle with the irony/sarcasm part. I actually try to avoid it as well, but it's about 99% of my repertoire and that's tough to work around!

  • dougg

    I agree:I was pretty much born a wise-ass as well so I also struggle with that;) Basically...you risk being totally misunderstood because no one can hear your voice inflection or see your face. I enjoy this forum too because of the postive tone and politeness that is always present. This politeness (I believe) is inherant in anyone that listens to Jim Campilongo:) I've also met and chatted with Jim at a couple of his shows...and he is a polite and gracious person with a good handshake!

  • I agree, Jim. I've participated in a few online forums in the past, but this forum stands out for its politeness. This is refreshing and keeps me coming back to read the interesting topics started by others. Thanks Jim and everyone else for keeping this a pleasant and sane place on the internet!
  • Thank you for your posts- I got something, from every one of them.

  • I totally agree, Facebook and Twitter have become a cesspool of rudeness. Nowadays I find myself spending most of my time on Instagram. People can still post nasty comments, but it's easier to ignore. And, yes, this forum has always stood out to me for being exceedingly civil. But we also have a great role model/moderator in Jim. Thanks for keeping it friendly around here, Jim!

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