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  • So...I really got hooked on the V-Pick Fusion model that Jim uses...and was so happy with what a big difference this pick made with my playing that I sent an email to them about it. I received a nice response from Vinnie (the owner)..and he was surprised to learn that Jim Campilongo used these. He also mentioned that he'd recently had a "big run on these" and that may possibly have been why. Anyway.. these were $5 ea. but..are now (suddenly) $6 each (?..hmmmm) I guess I'm being picky...but they're kinda worth it...and I'm thinking that Mr. Campilongo should get a free box of these.
  • Thanks Danny
  • You're welcome Jim! I did order 10 more...I should be good for life:)
  • I was curious enough to order a couple of them. Honestly, not my favorite. I use the Fender 358 Heavy and the difference between it and the V-Pick Fusion is too severe for me. Maybe easy enough to adjust for the size but for me, it's the tone. The 358 is much more clean to my ears. Faster too. My 2 cents.
  • Thanks Mark - I hear you and It was an adjustment, especially since I've been using the white 358 's since High School. But the difference between the 358 now, and the 358 fifteen years ago, is substantial.

    I can't identify it exactly - The plastic changed, or something...

    And the Fusion V Pick felt good almost immediately. I was hooked.

    Thanks for your post and have a great day - Jim

  • It's interesting how alot of people will say "picks are picks", as long as it's the thickness they like, the material doesn't matter.... then there are those of us with the (blessing or curse? Sometimes I wonder...) of "golden ears" who can hear the difference in pick materials. I've tried many many over my 30+ years of playing, and when I landed on Dunlop Ultex, especially the sharp point ones, I just stopped. Mostly because I love how they feel, and they don't develop the "thumb curve" with alot of use like some other picks do. They are the closest thing I've found to the "regular old plastic picks" I learned with, but last much longer.

    Acoustics, it depends on the guitar... on an acoustic, the pick can be a much larger part of the "tone formula" than on an electric.
  • Jim, thanks for the feedback. My tenure with the 358's is shorter than yours so not aware of the shift in quality from the past. But after making my initial comment I decided to AB the two picks for the perceived tonal differences. An interesting discovery. Through the amplifier, the Fusion is perfectly fine. Even better in a way. ruger9 has it right, "on an acoustic, the pick can be a much larger part of the tone formula than on an electric. Lesson learned: It's an "electric guitar"! Plug it in and crank it up! Your friend - Mark.
  • I agree with Jim on just basically liking the feel of the Fusion pick: The exact size, 1.5mm thickness, material and maybe even the beveled edges make a difference. I've been playing for 50 years and the only change I ever made was going from Fender mediums to Fender heavies a decade ago. But at $5-6 a pop for the Fusions, I WANTED to find and like something cheaper....the Jazz IIIs were too small, tried a couple of similar sized Dunlop Ultex...I dig those Fusions...but hate to lose them!
  • I'd been using Jazz IIIs in one form or another (regular, Eric Johnson, then Max Grip) for years. I scoffed at the notion of spending $5-10 on a pick. Then a buddy of mine sent me a few "boutique" picks including some V-Picks and others made by Gravity. I immediately fell in love with one of the Gravity picks. Was convinced it was the ultimate pick for me. Then that same friend sent me a few made by Winspear (out of the UK) including their "Shiv" model...and that Gravity pick was dead to me. Can't believe I'm spending something like $8 a pick plus shipping. But I'm totally hooked now. As an aside, I find that I'm far less likely to lose picks when I'm paying that much for them. :)
  • You may find (like I did)..that because you'd hate to lose them...you don't!
  • Although I am happily-hooked on those Fusion V-Picks... what I'm really finding out is that it's the feel of the acrylic and that bevelled, knife-edge that sets these part from standard picks. I did buy a few D'Addario Acrylux Standard Reso picks. Same acrylic material, 1.5mm thickness and bevelled edge as the Fusion.. and although not quite as compact as the Fusion...it feels very similar. They have a couple more millimeters of tip. At $3.50 ea. vs. $5 ea. for the Fusion they're a sound back-up. The Acrylux seem to bring out a tad more volume from the string...but I wear hearing aids so I can't really judge volume anymore:)
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  • Danny - I'll look into this -thank you and happy new year! - Jim

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