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Julian Lage
  • Just discovered Julian Lage. Wonder what Jim thinks? Would love to see them play together.
  • Julian is obviously fantastic and I love his playing. I met him when he was a young kid virtuoso in San Francisco. He makes me love jazz guitar and his group is wonderful. Kenny Wollesen!
  • I recommend "Mount Royal" with Chris Eldridge. That's an amazing acoustic guitar duet record. One of my favorites. I also love World's Fair, his solo acoustic record. I like Arclight too, and Modern Lore a little less. It's all good, but I gravitate most towards his acoustic playing. Weirdly, I know his jazz playing the least.
  • Julian — like Jim — has earned a spot on my Mount Rushmore for guitar players.

    I can't recommend Jule's Tele albums (Arclight, Live in Los Angeles, and Modern Lore) enough. All were his exploration of the Tele straight into a tweed Champ. His most recent album, Love Hurts — while note technically a Tele album, as it was recorded on a Gretsch — is my favorite of the lot (Dave freakin' King on drums, ladies and gentlemen!).

    Dive in head first. None will disappoint.
  • Actually they were not "all" Tele/Champ albums.

    Arclight - Tele(Danocaster), 50's Super Amp
    Live in LA - Tele/Champ
    Modern Lore - Tele/Champ
    Love Hurts - Tele (54 & Nachocaster), Gretsch, Harvard & Champ Amps - Julian shared some videos, and there are others online showing him recording and none have him with the Gretsch. In interviews I've heard recently he has said some of the songs had the Gretsch on them.

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