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The Best of Jim Campilongo Vol. 1.
  • That's tremendously good news! Looking forward to hearing The Power Plant stuff and hearing this all on vinyl! How on earth are you going to decide what tunes NOT to put on this Campilongo Compilation?
  • Hi Danny - Thank you for your interest. For starters, size does matter! Some of the more epic tracks take too much time. Me? I wanted "Like Butter" from Heavy it's going on there.
  • I can hear this album kicking off with "Backburner" and ending with "Pepper"...but I'm being a backseat driver:)
  • Believe me -this can drive you nuts. Hence "Volume One"...
  • What am I missing???? I haven't seen anything about this???? Was there an article or something I missed??
  • Just a little mention in the Campilongo Newsletter - only 1/2 of the mailer went out due to Weebly limits. The rest will go out Monday. I think you're on there Ruger, but for interested parties ... visit https://www.jimcampilongo.com/ and the sign up should appear.
  • Yes, I'm on the list! Thanks!

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