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Weather round up ...
  • NYC 3 degrees....
    1111Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 5.03.26 AM copy.jpg 29K
  • Same here...3 degrees, but it will be 57 on Tuesday and if I close one eye and squint with the other, I can see Tuesday.
  • Milwaukee: -20 actual (non-windchill) degrees.
  • is Minneapolis in the house?
  • A brisk 51 degrees here in the Bay Area...
  • When you're actually HAPPY about 12 degrees above zero (like today in Milwaukee)...that's pretty bad:( I'm ready to do a reverse Jim Campilongo...and move TO The Bay Area!
  • Ok..New Yorkers: 60 degrees today? Warmer than Cupertino, California at 51!
  • crazy! My guitars are warping...

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