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Duets opinions?
  • Hi everyone - I am a strong enough player to have fun learning some of Jim’s music (pretty much entirely from the sonic tele video...things like b flat blues snippets, twister, etc.) but not exactly strong enough to extend his concepts into creating great duets. He and Luca have done some great things lately, and I’m hoping to put together a couple of duets based on some of their songs, but I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts here? For instance, would love to play “she’s a woman” as a guitar duet, but alas, no lesson (and I’m someone who really needs a running start). Or maybe prettiest girl in ny, although I’d imagine Jim’s audio lesson is a one-guitar arrangement. Maybe the autumn leaves lesson with one guitar playing the base line? In any case, I’d be happy to play just about anything from Jim’s catalogue, but I’d really like something that readily lends itself to a duet without requiring a ton of music knowledge, which I don’t have. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
  • There’s actually enough info in many of Jim’s lessons for a duo arrangement. Many have a full rhythm backing, using 3-4 note chords. Two I have- Over the Rainbow and Rose Room- fit the bill.
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • The Past is Looking Brighter and Brighter. That lesson has nice concepts and arrangements for the second guitar.
  • Thanks very much!
  • Thanks for the suggestions- I really appreciate the posts. All were good and I'm in agreement -but I'd pipe in these too. Luca and I even play a few ...

    Chet Song (Main Street Breakdown) SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/36RTFJo0JRc

    As seen on YouTube http://youtu.be/-Z_SCQt2XUE . My favorite kind of song... sounds hard, but easy to play! A fun and user friendly introduction into Chet Atkins style that will benefit players of all levels. In this lesson the guitarist will learn Chet's Main Street Breakdown which incorporates some easy to apply hybrid picking (pick and middle). The second part of the lesson will demonstrate how to incorporate various soloing and improvisational ideas over the chord structure of the tune. A great lesson for players of all levels.


    Country Soul Guitar SAMPLE CLIP http://http://youtu.be/RiGiqrYWq1A

    In this installment of PLAYING THE BLUES we venture into some Country guitar phrases based in melody bringing to mind, the subtle stylings of Reggie Young, the poignant double-stops of Robbie Robertson and the steel guitar approach of Roy Buchanan. This lesson will help the guitarist incorporate some subtle country concepts in a medium tempo soulful context. Intermediate / Advanced


    Country Swing / San Antonio Rose SAMPLE CLIP https://youtu.be/aPufvJ89QTQ

    This lesson features a full form of a Billy Grammer style chord melody that gives the guitarist an overview of triad application that can be used in any song and every genre. We then cover a full form of a HOT SWINGING LEAD that is is in the style of Eldon Shamblin, Les Paul, Charlie Christian and Django. The rhythm guitar is also covered that is in the style of Freddie Green that is legitimately Country Swing rhythm guitar. It’s over an hour of instruction demonstrated for understanding and development in the context of Bob Wills much loved classic tune. Intermediate / Advanced


    Lipton Tea (Stella) SAMPLE CLIP: https://youtu.be/rehLdbrPZjg
    Note for Note from Live at the Du Nord Intermediate / Advanced


    Nuages SAMPLE CLIP: http://youtu.be/NA1NUg0CxbE
    An overview of the Django style -- leads, concepts and rhythm in the context of his most played song Intermediate / Advanced


    Panhandle Rag SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/pMFbCyCqwdE

    My favorite lesson that I offer and I'm proud of it's unique and simple focus on a subject that alluded me for years. A user friendly overview on how to superimpose jazz changes over basic chord progressions. This will enable the student to weave jazz lines over simple changes. This simple approach is applicable to Rockabilly, Blues, Swing etc... Includes dozens of improvisational ideas including steel guitar voicings, jazz chords and lines, triads, arpeggios, and more.


    Sleepwalk concepts SAMPLE CLIP: https://youtu.be/1lEy8PORCHg
    Santo and Johnny’s classic tune is a melodic showpiece for most guitarists and it’s a great vehicle to learn new techniques. On Sleepwalk I first demonstrate the basic melody and then elaborate on the many ways to embellish it. I’ll slowly show, phrase by phrase - tone and volume swells, steel guitar bends, jazz chord substitutions, harmonics and Buchanan-like string bends. It’s a fun lesson and people always seem to love hearing Sleepwalk, no matter the place or venue. Intermediate / Advanced


    Sugarfoot Rag - $20.00 BEGINNER LEVEL SPECIAL SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/4TQjWwC5I2M

    Originally composed by Hank Garland as a left hand exercise that found it's way to be a timeless radio hit. Covered by hundreds, this note for note version of Hank's ORIGINAL Sugarfoot Rag is designed (by Hank!) to help the beginning-intermediate student significantly develop their left hand technique. A fun little tongue twister. (This version is Beginning and Immediate level friendly and shouldn't be confused with Hank's ADVANCED LEVEL version where here plays cascading arpeggios with a slight delay) All that said, I warm up with this version often - it's a left and right hand challenge.


    Swingin' With The Cats SAMPLE CLIP: https://youtu.be/bKbzEx8ZFX0
    Note For Note from "Jim Campilongo and the 10 Gallon Cats" Intermediate / Advanced


    Up A Lazy River Concepts SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/fkSlRZysQQU

    Using the immortal melody as a vehicle for hip jazz lines and interesting hot doublestops, the student can learn some hot guitar, while focusing on improv using simple triads. A lick filled study - guitar tour de force dedicated to the great Jimmie Rivers.
    Intermediate / Advanced
  • Thanks for taking the time, Jim! I’ll get cracking. Happy new year!

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