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  • I have to say: The V-Picks..and the Fusion model that Jim reccommended are truly great! They do not wear out...they do not slip out of your hand...and this pick improved my tone and ability to pick individual notes in succession quicker. But..I don't know how you can ever be nonchalant about losing a $5 pick! (These are worth the dough though!)
  • Hi Danny - I kind of resented the person who introduced them to me! ha ha (thank you Justin Garcia) but I've found I don't lose them if they are 5 bucks a pop. The last tour I brought TWO and I had no problems. I'm glad you like them too. They might not be for everyone but I like them! Have a great day - Jim
  • I tried V-picks, and didn't care for them. Just personal preference.

    As far as the cost, I've got $5 beat.... I have a Blue Chip pick I use on acoustic that was $35!!! Also a Red Bear- also on acoustic- I think it was a little less, but not much.

    for electric, I started using Dunlop Ultex, sharp point, many years ago, and never looked back...
  • I primarily use Blue Chip picks, have 6 of them now. Bought them over the past 10-12 years. Different shapes and sizes. Have some VPicks also, but they have this "click" that I never got used to, or liked. Others could never hear it, but every time I played I'd hear that and it annoyed the day lights out of me!
  • Jim,

    It's true...I just don't lose these....BECAUSE they're $5!

    Hope you're having a great day!
  • Roy Williams (of Honeyfingers among other things) uses a $70 pick (real tortoise shell I think) ... and after you hear him play you know it's worth every penny... but I was afraid to try it.
  • Wow... I thought $35 was crazy! (and it is!)

    I refuse to believe such unobtanium exists.... for a guitar PICK! lol Even if it is real tortoise shell...
  • And..can a $70 pick survive a laundromat clothes dryer!
  • My local guitar store owner, who’s a jazz player, showed me the picks he used. They’re a triangular pick with a recess for your thumb, made of cow horn. I think he said they were about $20 each.

    I ordered a batch of cow horn disks (actually hoof, I think) from an eBay vendor and carved a couple of my own with a belt sander. They came out well but after playing with them for a day I went back to Dunlops. :-)

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