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BF princeton reverb or BF princeton?
  • Jim has great success with the PR. How different is the Princeton sound wise that is?
  • Speakers are the main difference- and a circuit mod that can be easily/cheaply done. Most folks know more then I do about this stuff... maybe someone can pipe in?
    go to amps ...
  • thanks Jim for the quick reply. My idea was to buy a Princeton w/o reverb ..BF or SF...then use a reverb pedal. They're less expensive than the reverb model but still w vintage tone. Referring to a BF Princeton back in 2008 you said" it's not my favorite but I like to use it with my ES225" Still true?
    As far as the reissues go...they do sound pretty good...but you know what bothers me? call me what u will but I know there's a PCB in there no matter the sound. Thanks much for yr thoughts and help.
  • The Princeton (non reverb) is a different beast all together, different circuits in them. They really don't distort. You can run them on 10 and they're clean, loud but clean. The BF Princeton is the same circuit as the brown Princeton, 6G2.

    If you're looking for a Princeton sound, like Jim's, your best bet is to get a Princeton Reverb.
  • Oh I misunderstood ... I thought it was silverface vs blackface... sorry

    " it's not my favorite but I like to use it with my ES225" Still true?

    Hmmmm ... I don't recall endorsing an amp without reverb, with or without my 225. Do what works for you financially & musically... and live happily ever after- but personally I'd miss the spring reverb on the amp.
  • I've had the pleasure of seeing The Jim Campilongo Trio perform a few times...and he basically delivers that "Jim Campilongo Tone" through a rented Deluxe Re-Issue (on 8 or 10) However, you may want to test out a Fender Pro Jr. No reverb...but you can get a superb spring-reverb sound out of a pedal like the Boss RV-6. The Pro Jr. has 15 watts (EL84 tubes) a 10" speaker and a Volume and Tone knob. It's kind of in the "Princeton Realm" tone-wise, plenty loud (!) ...super easy to haul around and affordable.
  • Thank you Danny!

  • Thanks much for all the helpful info and suggestions
  • My first amp was a Princeton non-Reverb I got along with a Musicmaster for my 14th birthday. A nice little jazz amp I used with the high school big band, and then I bought the new Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 power booster...
  • Oh man...that amp/guitar combo sounds like "The Christmas Miracle" gift for a 14 year old...how great! I too have very fond memories of my time with the Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 in the 70s. That little thing turned my Super Reverb into a dragster!
  • And it was affordable to a 15 year old in 1969.
  • I am a big fan of BF and early SF Princeton reverbs. They have an extra gain stage that is not present on the non Reverb models. They overdrive in a beautiful toothy way. The brown Princeton 6G2 also sounds very nice as does the early black tuxedo Princeton’s with the same circuit. I would steer clear of the later black face non-reverb Princetons. They just don’t sound as good.

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