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Thank you...
  • I wanted to thank everyone here who has purchased a lesson by mail. Every order means a lot to me and I appreciate it. Have a great day - Jim
  • We are the ones who thank you Jim:
    I could write an endless post about how Jim´s lessons have been the mainstay of my relationship with the guitar and music. I speak very bad English so I will try to summarize the "endless post" as follows:
    Jim´s lessons are the reason why I keep playing guitar every day.
    un abrazo
  • I agree! Better than any "real" teacher I've ever had. (And I'm not afraid of him like
    I was of my childhood piano-teacher-in-the convent Sister Lou Ann!)

    Actually Jim seems to be "real" in everything musical thing he does :)
  • I echo the sentiment... Thank You Jim!

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