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Who's That Girl??
  • And I know it ain't Madonna. I've always found the collection of photos framing Jim's discussion page fascinating. I pretty well recognize what and who the majority of them are but one in particular has me puzzled and it's driving me nuts. It's the girl on the bicycle. She appears on the left side of the page, 6th photo down, right below Brando. She also appears on the left above the last photo, again under Brando, left of James Arness as The Thing From Another World at the bottom. Don't know who she is but she looks like she may have bangs so my guess is Bettie Page. Anybody know?
  • I don't know, she's not Betty, but she is memorable.

    Honestly, I regret some of the border photos and that's one of them (and I appreciate and understand the question johntrem - this is about my hastily done choice of border photos) because I want our Tele sisters to feel totally welcome here.

    One thing I LOVE about my new Weebly website jimcampilongo.com is I'm able to fix the content *immediately*. I'm unable to do anything substantial on the Non - Weebly Campy forum. It's WAY too complicated for me and I certainly am unqualified to update the border photos.

    Additionally- to name a few glitches...

    Images won't appear in the body of a post.

    The endorsement links are dead.

    One can't access the forum on a smart phone.

    I will try to get the forum fixed and updated before the end of the year - meanwhile, thank you for your posts and patience. This is a good place and a good forum.

    Have a great day- Jim

  • I've come to like "Bike Girl" quite a bit...not being able to remove the pic is not the worst thing in the world:)

    Sophia Loren: One day back in the 80s I saw her up-close at a department store event where she was doing a promotional appearance for her line of perfume...She was more stunningly beautiful in real life than she was on the screen...if you can imagine that!
  • Well, then we'll have to resign ourselves that She Is Still A Mystery To Me (Lovin' Spoonful) and will remain a Mystery Girl (Roy Orbison). Okay, that's all the tie-in song titles I can think of at the moment. Yes, Jim, computer illiteracy can be frustrating. After my kids were grown and out of the house I no longer had anyone to cry out for to help me "fix" my computer. I was left on my own. At least I haven't crashed anything. Yet.
    Just got my copy of Live At Rockwood this week. Love it.
  • I always wonder who the blonde is on the top row...
  • @Striker6: The blonde on the top row is Bridget Fonda in "Jackie Brown".

    I've always thought the girl on the bike was from a Tinto Brass movie called "Monella", but upon closer inspection I can see that it's a different girl. By the way, I've always found fascinating that there are actually more pictures related to movies than music at the frames, ha ha. And most of them are some of my favorites too: Laughton, Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Hitchcock, etc.
  • Another curiosity...I've always sort of assumed that the subjects of the photos are people, movies, musicians or things that Jim admires or has a liking for. Which brings me to a couple of guys on the bottom row. I don't imagine Jim holds Joe McCarty and Roy Cohn in any sort of high esteem. Guess that blows a hole in my theory.
  • Don’t know who she is, but the photo seems to come from here: http://crowncycleco.blogspot.com
  • Holy cow, sugar, you found her. Not Bettie Page...but she does have bangs.
  • Anonymous hipster chick, modeling a bike for a defunct bike builder. Oh well.

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