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Autumn Leaves
  • I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the 'Autumn Leaves' lesson. I'm not completely through it yet but the additional video content is really helpful. Thanks for including that Jim! The timing to learn this tune is fitting since the season is starting to turn here in the Northeast... Such a beautiful song.

    Which rendition of Autumn Leaves are your favorite(s)? (looking for recommendations)
  • I like Julian Lage's solo rendition:
    As well as Eric Clapton's version from the "Clapton" album:

    Haven't gotten Jim's lesson yet, or heard his, I'm sure it's great :)
  • Here's a version I like from a an old Ted Greene guitar clinic on youtube. It shows off his harmonic genius and ultimately wanders into a Baroque reworking of the tune.

    On the other end of the talent and complexity spectrum, here's my crack at a simple arrangement of the song:

  • Nice!

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