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Autumn Leaves
  • I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the 'Autumn Leaves' lesson. I'm not completely through it yet but the additional video content is really helpful. Thanks for including that Jim! The timing to learn this tune is fitting since the season is starting to turn here in the Northeast... Such a beautiful song.

    Which rendition of Autumn Leaves are your favorite(s)? (looking for recommendations)
  • I like Julian Lage's solo rendition:
    As well as Eric Clapton's version from the "Clapton" album:

    Haven't gotten Jim's lesson yet, or heard his, I'm sure it's great :)
  • Here's a version I like from a an old Ted Greene guitar clinic on youtube. It shows off his harmonic genius and ultimately wanders into a Baroque reworking of the tune.

    On the other end of the talent and complexity spectrum, here's my crack at a simple arrangement of the song:

  • Today i bought the "Autumn Leaves" video Lesson from Jim.
    I think i will het a great time with it.
    My first impression is superB.
    Thanks Jim doing the job.

    the Netherlands - Europe
  • Thank you- I'm glad you like the lessons and thanks for ordering it. I'm trying to find time to do a 2nd video lesson, Getting Sounds on Your Telecaster. I know many of you have suggested lessons and I always pay attention to those requests, but I've been wanting to do this for a while.

    Audio is perfectly fine, and sometimes better then video, in my opinion, but some things don't translate without seeing them, and this might apply to Getting Sounds on Your Telecaster... anyway. When I find a week I'll get er done!
    Thanks again for your comment!
  • I enjoyed learning Autumn Leaves too! I finally feel like a grown-up being able to perform this in front
    of people...and I'm pushin '65!

  • Consider me a pre-order for Getting Sounds on Your Telecaster - look forward to it! (And, for whatever it's worth, I'd love a lesson on Because You Like Trombone...one of my all-time favorites.)
  • I appreciate your comment dougg and thanks for the "Trombone.." shoutout. I'm proud of that performance, and that song, and wondered if the title, though in total earnest, was understandably taken as sarcasm. Anyway, thanks again and have a great day - Jim
  • > wondered if the title, though in total earnest, was understandably taken as sarcasm

    I generally thought the title it was sarcastic, but the music it self is decidedly not sarcastic, so I was always a little confused...
  • Hi Rasm - It is a confusing title. Thank you for your post

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