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All New! jimcampilongo.com
  • Nice refresh on the website Jim! That UA OX Reactive Amp Attenuator wasn't on my radar... until now. It's amazing what can be done in the home studio nowadays! Looking forward to seeing an upcoming Rockwood Show as my wife picked up some tickets for my birthday. As always, thanks for doing what you do!
  • Thank you for checking it out and I look forward to seeing you!
  • I keep reading RAVES about that UA OX. Very pricey tho....
  • It ain't cheap... and I say "no" to myself daily ha ha... but it's totally top of the line. In some ways, it seemed like the future of home recording to me -That's why I wrote about it.
  • ..."and I say "no" to myself daily ha ha"

    The struggle is real! LOL
    I look forward to a day where GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) no longer plagues me... but if YOU still have it, I'm afraid there's no hope for me LOL At this point, at least I have finally graduated from the "trying everything" stage to the "looking for only SPECIAL pieces" stage...
  • Fantastic update.
    Jim, can we see your amp collections too? Such as your 5 Princetons in a row, etc. It's gonna be fun.
  • Tak -
    Most are on there, I think... I have 5 Princetons, a Deluxe reverb and a Vibro champ. The "sexiest" amp will be uploaded today. My Gibson Les Paul amp. It's really pretty. Thanks for checking the new site out, I'm really proud of it and it's such a break through to able to do this stuff myself.
    Have a great day- Jim

  • I'm curious what differences exist among the 5 Princetons. Given the vintages, I would imagine they are not all stock? Have you modified any of them to accommodate different venues/environments (i.e. 12" speaker, larger O/T) or all they all pretty much set up similarly?
  • Two Princetons have Celestions -both silverface. They both sound very different.

    Two of the Princetons are blackface, one has the gold back speaker described in "Gear" on my website, one a has a "blueback" speaker.

    And I have a stock Princeton blackface, "blueback" speaker.

    I bought most of these Princetons in 2004 when I felt they were underpriced. Over the years, I've sold three to friends and I suppose I'll hold onto to the Princetons I have, though it is a glut - because I know I'll never replace them.

    I have a Princeton reissue too, Orange.

    I use one amp mostly- the Silverface Princeton with the Celestion. I replace the tubes every 6months, to a year - and get it serviced often so it's quiet and fully functional. That's half the battle. I know of many studios who proudly catalog 25 amp models and my experience is, they have 25 amps that need to be serviced/cleaned.
  • Thanks for the info Jim... I did look at the Gear section. I was just curious if there might be some other info about the Princeton's that weren't listed and you've kindly shared that. This forum is really a wonderful place for us fans to interact with you... For me, it's a great privilege. Looking forward to seeing Monday night's Rockwood set!
  • Woo, that's a sexy looking Gibson amp. It must have been treated well by someone before. And the Les Paul signature on it is a big plus! But without a reverb!? Just kidding. : )
  • Hey! A Wacko Wah!! Man, JAM pedals makes great stuff (check out their Retro Vibe), I have heard nothing but raves for that wah pedal! If I ever buy another wah, the JAM Wacko wah is the one.

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