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John McLaughlin
  • In the latest GP magazine, there are two great Jim Campilongo articles - one on the Miles Jack Johnson record and the other an interview about the Rockwood Live album. He mentions John McLaughlin in both...I'm new to McLaughlin and wondered if any of the Campilongo Lessons shed light on the McLaughlin/Campilongo connection? Thanks!
  • I think The closest thing to a "Mclaughlin lesson" would probably be Fingerpuppet Jam on the TrueFire video, where Jim
    applies some Tribute to Jack Johnson-type chords. By the way, if you want to explore JM's technique, I highly
    recommend these videos that I've recently come across on youtube, featuring a detailed breakdown of McLaughlin
    seminal guitar work on one of my all time favorite tracks - Right Off:

  • Sorry for the delay - funny, I didn't notice that McLaughlin reference until you pointed it out. He's such an inspiring artist and he's still going strong!

    I've been busy working on a new website (the Forum will remain exactly as is and intact). I'm still working sluggishly through everything. Hope to see you forum members in LA and the Bay Area next week, and I'll be checking in. Thank you Rogerio for the great references!

    When the new website is up - I'll add some new lessons and I appreciate the suggestions!
  • Thanks Rogerio and Jim for the insight, the reminder about the TF Fingerpuppet lesson and the detailed video.

    Looking forward to the new website!

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