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  • Caught him Saturday night. Little Honky Tonk.
    Amazing! See you in Chi-Town this fall Jim. Maybe Yoshi’s
    sdwtPwklT+yh%h6aQ6xRwg.jpg 42K
    iQqVHOuORam6FybQ1ENX2A.jpg 37K
    IMG_1639.JPG 36K
    IMG_2195.JPG 39K
  • Plus a couple of other old farts who know their way around a Fender. Happy pre-emptive birthday Jim. The big Six 0. Im not far behind you brother; Born Late'58. If anyone here knows the '70's group who recorded "Born Late '58." You're smarter than the average bear.
    Mark Avery

  • Thank you for the birthday shout out- and happy birthday to you!

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