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Joe Goldmark, pedal steel
  • I love pedal steel. Jim's ability to bend notes in a lot of steel-like ways is a big part of his appeal for me.
    Joe Goldmark was in the 10-gallon Cats with Jim for many years. He's still playing in the area and I get to hear him with the Seducers pretty often. I heard them at the book store last week and picked up Joe's new CD. My favorite track is #12, "I Want to Be With You Forever", by guest artist Jim Campilongo! It reminds me of the one lesson I bought here, Country Soul, a classic country shuffle tune with lots of string bends.
  • Thank you Bradley- I'm very proud of my association with Joe, and I've learned a lot from him.

    Glad you like "I Want to Be With You Forever"... I wrote it and I was very happy with it, but it isn't a "trio" song... I couldn't really "play" it. So, I sent it to Joe and he liked it - I'm so happy he covered it.

    Have a great day - Jim

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