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Questions about the Freddie Green lesson
  • I've been working my way through the Charlton Johnson book on Freddie Green style comping ("Swing and Big Band Guitar: Four-To-The Bar Comping in the Style of Freddie Green") off and on for a while, and I'm familiar with a fair number of these forms and their use. Those who know the book and Jim's lesson- should I get Jim's lesson as well? Or should I move on to something else?
  • My lesson wouldn't hurt, but I'd say try something else. Or you might try this?

    Charlie Christian "Rose Room" Note for Note
    SAMPLE CLIP https://youtu.be/U24H1SowQhk
    In this lesson we learn the great Charlie Christian's solo on "Rose Room". Included in this lesson is a note for note transcription of Charlie’s solo, a chord melody of Benny Goodman playing the melody and instruction on the Freddie Green style of swinging rhythm. Additionally, I break down the solo to relatable scales and mnemonic devices that allow the Jazz novice to jump off to free uninhibited jazz improvisation.
  • Thanks- I’ve added that to my short list.

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