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  • Very nice! I'm also a big fan of Cavalier pickups. My last Tele had a Nashville bridge and Lion King in the neck position. Great sounding pickups.

    I'm curious about your roasted maple neck. From where did you get it? I briefly had a Musikraft roasted maple Strat neck a while back. Got rid of it because I couldn't get along with the profile. But I loved the feel of it. And the one I had smelled like maple syrup. :)
  • Hi BlueCajun,

    Sorry, yesterday was hectic. The neck is from Warmoth. It's a nice neck, plays well and has stayed with the relief that I originally set it to (I used it on another guitar before). However, for the build that I will due next, the more "authentic" blackguard, I am getting a Musikraft neck, also roasted, but lightly finished as well, with a modified '56 V-shape. I seem to be relatively neck shape insensitive, as long as they're not too boat-y (like some Martin necks from the '30s) or too thin. I guess that I have a large Goldilocks range of the neck shape spectrum.

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