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Organizing the lessons?
  • Has Jim or anyone done a chart showing paths through all the lessons? Might be useful.

    I just bought “Arpeggios as Exercises” and “Playing the Blues,” both of which I thought might be too simple. But even though the patterns are mostly familiar, what makes the lessons really useful is how Jim strips them down to the essentials and shows you how to use them in context.
  • I don’t think Jim has any simple lessons. ;-)

  • mje - I started my journey through the campy lessons about a year and half ago. When I started, I found this thread helpful - http://www.jimcampilongo.com/forum2/discussion/46/recommended-lesson-order/p1. Also, on the lesson page, there are notes on what lessons to followup with.

    For me, my goal was to expand my vocabulary and become a better improviser. I've played rock and blues for 30 years, but wanted to add jazz, rockabilly and country into that mix. Without hesitation, I will say that in the past 1.5 years, the Jim Campilongo lessons have advanced my playing more than anything else I have ever encountered (and I've tried a good deal of alternatives).

    If you want to expand your blues world, Playing the Blues-Playing the Blues bending the changes - All Blues - Bb Blues Concepts-F Jazz Blues Concepts - Rockabilly Jazz offer a wealth of information that you can practice for years. You don't need to go in that order, but it's one way of moving through them.

    I also like all of the lessons with "concepts" - All of Me, Chet Song, Nuages, Pan Handle Rag, Rose Room, Sleepwalk. With each of these, you'll learn a song, but also (and maybe more importantly) learn how to make the song and your improvisations more musical.

    For country - Country Lead in G, Country Soul Guitar, Country Swing/San Antonio Rose.

    And I would be remiss to leave out Over the Rainbow - I never thought I would play chord melody, but this tune really changed my mind on that topic! What a wonderful arrangement...I learned so much from it.

    From those starting points, you can supplement with all of the tunes that Jim has carefully worked out for our benefit. I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I am enjoying mine.

  • Thank you telemjl - your post is excellent. -Jim
  • Thanks telemjl. I’ve got a good idea of where I’m going from here.
  • I couldn't agree more on how Jim's lessons have expanded my vocabulary...but for the life of me...I cannot quite decipher what he's doing on Nellie Bly. I LOVE that tune...and would love to see a lesson on that:)
  • Thanks Danny - Not a bad idea. Might make a good lesson... Have a great day- Jim
  • I was wondering if thread is still present on the forum? I found this thread helpful - http://www.jimcampilongo.com/forum2/discussion/46/recommended-lesson-order/p1

    I get a page not found error

    I did a quick scan thru about 29-30 pages and didn't see the topic title

  • Thank you!
  • Speaking of lessons: I love "Nellie Bly"...I think that tune is just brilliant and irresistable! I was always hoping to see a lesson from Jim on this...but he basically explains the whole tune on the "No Guitar Is Safe" podcast when host Jude Gold ALSO wanted to know how he plays it..the harmonics too!

    So...though I derive great joy from playing this, i would still GLADLY pay for a genuine lesson from on this...(hint, hint!)
  • Thank you Danny - that would be a fun one ...
  • ...And/or Minute Waltz In D:)

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