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need help on Amazon
  • If it’s not asking too much, I need some help...

    A reviewer on Amazon wrote a review (understandably) that the download card didn't work - for the LP Live at Rockwood. It’s a headline ...and the title of his review. Right now it’s the first thing one sees … “4.0 out of 5 stars
    Vinyl is high quality but the digital download code doesn't work"

    I wrote a review “DOWNLOAD CARD NOW WORKS PERFECTLY - thank you!” but unfortunately it’s at the bottom of the Amazon reviews and can’t be seen. It needs “Was this review helpful” yes votes to be visible.

    If it’s not asking too much of your time, please click “yes, this review was helpful” for my update/review. I also included some press reviews that were favorable, but not my own opinions.

    Here’s a link to the review page.


    All the Amazon reviews are positive and I’m not trying to manipulate free speech or eliminate reviews that might be unfavorable-that's part of the game. The fact is the download problem was fixed within a week-THE DOWNLOAD CARD WORKS.

    I wish he contacted me, many folks did and I personally wrote back apologizing and assured all the nice folks who bought the LP that this glitch was temporary. I wrote a rebuttal comment after his review, but there's been no response or activity.

    It's not a big deal, but I care about these things.

    Thank you and have a great day - Jim

  • Happy to help - just marked your review as helpful.

    I bought a vinyl copy (CD as well), and I’ll also add a review soon. I love the album!
  • Thank you dougg!
  • Done!

    I wonder if clicking "no" on his review could be of any help to make it less visible?
  • Done! Hope that helps.

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