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New Hahn Model C Video
  • Just saw this on YouTube and wanted to share with the forum. Jim, you make the Model C sound incredible, and I'm really excited to get mine!


    PS: Sorry I'm not able to post the video correctly, but you can search "HAHN-CAMPILONGO MODEL "C" - HAHN GUITARS" to find it...

    Also, the song starting at 3:05 is beautiful (can't recall the name, but know the melody...).
  • Great video. I also ran across it yesterday. And now I badly want a Model C. ;)

    Jim, what is the name of the song you're playing starting around the 5:25 mark? Just beautiful.
  • I'm dying for mine to arrive!!!

    Oh, and I loved Jim's line: "We don't want to sound like Esteban here."
  • Great video! What a wonderful, clean, rounded sound. Jim, your comment about most "guitar demonstrations" was spot-on. It's so difficult to hear what a guitar sounds like when 500 pentatonic notes get zipped-through...Letting the instrument ring helps.

    --Will tthe Thrill
  • Missed this the first time around! Very cool!

    The roundness of the treble on that guitar (don't know if it's the pickups, the wood, or both), is really something special. The only time I have heard treble as "nice" as that is from players like Vince Gill who roll of the tone control to achieve it... but this guitar seems to have it with the tone control wide open.

    It relates back to Jim's "how ice pick is the C#" theory, LOL. Just a gorgeous, EVEN tone. Really special. I only regret I can't order one because I recently took delivery of a strat, so funds are low at the moment.

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