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Jim Campilongo Interview with Craig Garber on “Everyone Loves Guitar”
  • Jim Campilongo Interview with Craig Garber on “Everyone Loves Guitar”
  • I cannot wait for the new record with Round Midnight. I have been waiting for you to record that one for years, it is such a great tune. Very exciting!
  • Thanks buddy- It's going to be different...working on it now
  • "Sal's Waltz was written after seeing Julian Lage, and I was so inspired by him ...and Sal is one of our cats."

    I love this sentence so much.
  • Can't wait to listen to this!!
  • Thank you, Jim. You always teach me so much. Not just about guitar, but about life.
  • A really great interview! Always fun when the interviewer is also a fan! If I may ask:What's the main thing you like about the Stardust pedal?
  • It sounds like a cranked amp without any tonal bells and whistles. It is void of a "personality" so my guitar still has the traits I like - emerge through the muck. It's touch sensitive for an overdrive unit. It's easy to dial in a sound quickly.
  • Thank you Maggie - and I hope you love your Model C!
  • You're welcome, Jim!

    (and tell Chihoe to send it to me already!) ;^)
  • "Serramonte? What's that?"

    This interview was outstanding!

  • Obviously Craig doesn't travel to the worlds hotspots .... "what's Serramonte?"
  • I agree with the above comments. Great teaching in the interview. Im half through it. I really liked this phrase: "If one is feeling a little glum, the advice is you should work harder"

  • Finally had a chance to listen, and agree it was a great interview. I especially appreciated Jim's comments about getting serious about learning at 30. As someone who played/practiced a lot, but didn't get into theory/reading & etc. until my late 30's, it was refreshing to hear that.
  • dougg- Thanks for listening. I marvel at the young guitarists I meet who have it so much more together then I did at their age. The fact I could play gigs in my teens and early 20's shows how lucky I've been, and how I was able to learn "on the field". Thanks and have a great day - Jim
  • The "what's Serramonte" did crack me up. Whenever I see Serramonte Ford license plate rims when I drive I always think of your tune.
  • "What's Seramonte?" could be another song title -ha ha!
  • What a funky interview! I liked that it covered some new ground like Jim's relationship with his dad and some non-guitar childhood memories. The comment about Pink Floyd surprised me but in hindsight I hear absolutely nothing in Jim's music that bares much resemblance to anything Floydian.

    I am looking forward to hearing Jim's interpretation of 'Round Midnight. I've always thought that Jim is like the Thelonious Monk of guitar. Something about the angular playing. Totally intended as a compliment.

    That recording at the Power Station sounds intriguing too. I hope it makes light of day.

  • Warren - Craig covered some new ground and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for listening and have a great day - Jim

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