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  • For a while now I am flying into NYC almost twice a week from somewhere in Europe. It never happened to be a Monday until this one night in 2017.

    So it was quite amazing for me so be able
    to see Jim and his trio live in Rockwood.
    My jetlag was gently sonically blown away -immediately.

    The way Jim thinks and then plays (his)
    music is very unique in my humble opinion.
    Playing myself a little it happens sometimes
    that someone is saying :
    "...you sound like....whoever."
    As humans we are eventually always influenced or inspired by someone or something and what makes the twist for me is how Jim is taking the twist into his songs. It is relaxing and still creates a sweet tension towards the resolution.
    (bringing back Roy Buchanon to attention)
    For me Jim feels like a sculptor who is sculpting/shaping tones out and build
    something new out of it.

    So how did I came to hear JC?
    I was simply checking live music places in
    New York and came across Rockwood Music Hall and the JC trio gig.
    Flying in from Europe tired, jet lagged with the expectation to see a unique musician and his trio.

    And man, that was the most
    influential gig in my life.

    Thank you for this.

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