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Vinyl Treasures Column in GP: Rick Derringer.
  • Jim,

    Your "Vinyl Treasures" column is the first thing I go to when I get a new issue of GP! Your most recent column on Rick Derringer really struck a chord (get it?) with me!

    Years ago..mid 90s...I went to a Johnny Winter show in Milwaukee with Rick Derringer opening. I already knew that he was agreat player and had followed him since "Hang on Sloopy"...but his playing and Strat tone blew me away that night! Sadly..this was (apparently) not the healthiest period for Johnny Winter. He appeared to be not all that aware of what was going on and his playing was lifeless compared to what you were maybe expecting from him. After the show as I was walking across the parking lot I see a crew-member looking guy loading up a Marshall head and a couple guitars into a station wagon that was also pulling a U-Haul trailer. I thought.."Man...I'm so glad I'm not packing up gear tonight..it's cold as hell!" When the car drove past...it was Rick Derringer himself. I felt such respect for this guy and his talent. What a hard worker! I couldn't agree more on what an outstanding example he is/was of a supportive rythmn guitar player on that live album. I also use a lot of Rick Derringer stuff that I learned from listening to him back in the early 70s. He still tours...I'd encourage anyone to make an effort to see him.
  • Danny -

    Thank you for your post and I'm happy you like my column. I haven't seen the "official" article I wrote because GP goes to my mothers house. I've been trying to get the address changed for 16 years! Can you believe that?

    That said, the editor Michael Molenda is great to work with and his writing skills always brush up my ideas.

    I'm glad you liked the article and thank you for your story. Rick Derringer is a great guitar player.

    Next month is Santo and Johnny.

    Have a great day- Jim

  • Jim,

    That is funny! You're "JIm Campilongo," you have a regular column in GP, you communicate directly with the Editor-In-Chief...but can't get an address update. Yeah!! Your column is cool...I just wouldn't have learned about a player like Sheldon Bennet without it. I was thrilled to find that album (Swingin' Southern Guitar) available online:) And it does have the best cover ever:)

    I really appreciate the knowledge you eagerly share in that column. It's a natural extension of your skills as a guitar teacher too...man you know some stuff!

    Thanks..looking forward to your Santo & Johnny column.
  • Thanks Danny - Have a great day - Jim

  • I'm concerned about the future of the "Vinyl Treasures" column in GP with the recent departure of Editor-In-Chief Michael Molenda. I, for one have come to just CRAVE the information in this column..."It's gold Jerry!" And I'm not exaggerating when I say that there is no way I would have ever heard anyone impart experienced knowledge about say Sheldon Bennett..or Billy Byrd. I'd never heard of these guys. In the context of being a guitar player at my age ( I use Senior Discounts when they're available!) who still likes to learn stuff...finding out about these players is no different now than learning about same players that hooked me when I was 12. But the mind of a typical 12 year old cannot comprehend the value of musical history! There's an interesting/funny quote from the documentary "20 Feet From Stardom" (..or maybe it was "The Wrecking Crew?") where one of the seasoned & wisened old pros says "Once you're bitten by the music bug you're kinda fucked for life!" And if you think about that for 10 seconds you may find this to be true.

    I don't think I'm alone here about the popularity of the GP column. It would be ultra-cool to see that column featured right on this website should it cease to exist in the magazine. I mean...I bought that cool Sheldon Bennett album (sadly, not on vinyl) strictly from reading the column on him. I hope some member of his family gets a buck off it:)
  • I'm glad you enjoy my column and presently GP status is business as usual, but uncertain.

    If you like the column, I might suggest writing Guitar Player, and let them know what's going on in the great abyss of readership. I appreciate your gracious post.

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