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Western Swing primer
  • Gang,

    I've been spinning Jimmie River's "Brisbane Bop" regularly since reading Jim's Vinyl Treasures article in Guitar Player a few years back. I'd like to dig deeper into the genre, and solicit your input on where to start. I currently have a few discs by Speed West + Jimmy Bryant, Bob Wills, and of course the entire 10 Gallon Cats and Honeyfingers catalog.

    Suggestions? I'm all ears.
  • Check out this guy's youtube page, Leon Grizzard. He has TONS of lessons, basic to advanced western swing. He's not an innovator like Jim is, he plays traditional western swing. But tons of lessons there to get you started (and keep you going for quite awhile!)


    Also and of course, Jim has some western swing-ish pieces/lessons as well. Check his website for the lessons.
  • Thanks, ruger! That guy has some really great stuff on his channel.
  • Great find, ruger9. Thank you!
  • That guy is a judge down in Texas!
  • sorry I'm a little late. I have a ton of stuff on mp3 from old 78s, but it's hard to listen to to hear what's going on. FYI, there's a group (also on facebook) Western Swing monthly AND Legends of Western swing Music festival, they post a ton of acts that you may have not heard of.
    I do suggest the hot club of cowtown, Whit smith is a great player and he has afew dvds out regarding chord substitutions. I'm finally getting Ok at them, I used to have a ton of notes on it (somewhere) of things that i managed to put together.

    edite: I almost forgot Redd Volkaert. He's not a pure swing player by any means, but he is killer and used to play with Hag.

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