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Fan plays Jim on youtube
  • "Michelle" by JC. This guy's youtube channel is REALLY good. Browse around there for awhile, he plays alot of stuff in the same genres as Jim...

  • And let me know if the video works; for some reason, imbedded videos no longer work in my browser on this forum, so I can't tell if it's even working properly.

    youtube user is 1958FenderT

    He plays
    -Jim Campilongo
    -Duke Levine
    -Paul Pigat
    -Diego Garcia (El Twangero)
    -Johnny A
    -Jimmy Bryant
    -Julian Lage
    ...and others...
  • Yeah, I know his youtube channel - lots of great stuff - actually, for some reason I thought he was a forum member! :-)

    Jim's version of Michelle is a favorite of mine. I love the rendition on American Hips but the live mp3 on the "Bootlegs" section of the website - with Tim Luntzel and Dan Rieser - is absolutely mindblowing! And of course the lesson is great too!

    ps: the video is working fine for me.
  • I’ve followed this guy as well - really like his artist/song choices, and he does a great job with them. Thanks for sharing.

    Interesting how YouTube, Instagram, etc. have become methods of “playing out.” I think it’s a great way to get music in front of people.

    (And, video works for me as well.)
  • yeah, I don't get it. It's been like this for months now for me. And I have the newest version of Flashplayer installed, and it's ONLY this forum, out of the many that I frequent...
  • Thanks for posting. That's a fantastic cover of Jim's cover. LOL. Joking aside, Jim's version of Michelle still gives me chills. I just love his unique take on such a classic. It's just so hauntingly beautiful.
  • I Haven’t been on this forum in a while and this thread was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for checking out my channel and thanks to Jim for all the inspiration!!!!
  • I also want to thank you 1958FenderT!!
    I'm a constant lurker in your youtube channel. I find your videos such a great tool for learning and admire the taste of your interpretations. Thank you.
  • Very kind of you. Thank you, Santiago53.
  • 1958FenderT... I subscribe to your YouTube Channel and always enjoy your videos. I hope all is well... haven't seen anything new in a few months...

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