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Jim`s tone in Amplitube?
  • Hi,
    I wonder if someone here plays Amplitube. It would be interesting to know how one could get best possible Jim`s tone using that. Even better if Mr. Campilongo himself trys to get his tone with it! Since it is non dependable on so many variables ( room, tubes, speaker, amp, ....) it would be a nice way to feel Jim`s tone by yourself ( well, easier than stealing Jim`s gear, more boring though).
    There is a Princeton amp within Amplitube, though I can`t get his tone....
    Well, what do you think?
  • I'd bet Jim hasn't messed with it, but I could be wrong. his tools are so simple. the key is this. it's in his fingers! Give Jim a well set up knock off Tele and old Gorilla amp and I bet he'd still sound just like himself. ;)
  • Is that the Fender amp that samples "sounds?"

    And I've been using effects lately guys!

  • Amplitube is software, plug your guitar into the computer, you can record direct. Lots of amp models. Kind of like a software version of the Fender G-Dec.

    Effects?!?!?! Other than reverb and tremolo? Do tell....
  • Boomerang Phrase Sampler for looping, Crazy Tube Circuits Stardust distortion, Jam Pedal Wacko Wah (wah wah) on our upcoming record. We tracked two days at the Power Station New England and I'm really really happy with it thus far. No rough mixes yet, Joe Blaney produced. Tracked with the wonderful guitarist Grey McMurray, Josh Dion and Chris Morrissey...
    Round Midnight, Alien Star, Sweet Dreams, Low Rider, In a Sentimental Mood, a new original "Coal" on acoustic, Denisse and about 6 other originals. It's really a departure and yet we have Tele through Princeton stuff too. I am due for a challenge... Fun!
  • I have heard nothing but raves about ALL the Jam pedals, including the Wacko Wah! And the paint job on that thing is amazing! Jam also makes the best Uni-Vibe I have yet heard, the Retro vibe.
  • I believe it ... their Wah Wah is great. It's all over a couple of tracks. I was trying to get a Milton Nascimento - Minus vibe on one song (40:54 is a good example) and a Hendrix vibe on another... it works well!
  • A new record....what a great new!!!
    Joe Blaney is a great producer, he produced my favorite Chilean band "Los Tres" on their best album "Fome" (killer sound).
    I hope the new album also means new lessons.

    Un abrazo para el gran Jim y para los amigos del foro

    P.D.:Like others in this forum, I'm waiting for my new model Tele C: a lot of anxiety

  • Ah, the mighty Milton and the Clube da Esquina crew! Minas is such a wonderful record - it makes me happy to see it getting mentioned as a reference of good sounds!! Speaking of which, wonderful news about the upcoming record!
  • Hi everyone!
    I guess the thread derailed.....
    Crazy Tube Stardust is kind of "blackface" in a pedal, isn't it?
    How do you use it? as an overdrive, color the tone, boost.....?
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  • Thank you!
    I will try this pedal someday. I have been looking for a pedal that has "blackface" tone and so far I have found Wampler Black 65, Lopedal super six......They are expensive, but I hope I can try them and see.....
    If someone know of other "blackface" pedals , suggestions welcomed!

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