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GUITAR RADIO SHOW - Episode 197- Jim Campilongo “The Picasso of the Telecaster”
  • GUITAR RADIO SHOW - Episode 197- Jim Campilongo “The Picasso of the Telecaster”

  • Jim. I thoroughly enjoyed that!!! loved the story about "Backburner."
  • Thanks for listening halouis!
  • Listening now!!!! What a great way to spend 2 hours (if you're not playing LOL)

    That was FANTASTIC. Jim, you regularly give some of the best "guitarist interviews" I've ever heard. Just great.
  • Thanks -I hate to listen to myself ha ha ... but I have to say, Mark Daven was a pleasure to talk with. Thank you for listening!
  • Nice interview, Jim. You seem very much at ease in front of the microphone, and very open.

    I like how the interviewer starts off with Like Butter from Heavy, and explains how that was the song that turned him on to your music. That’s one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums, too.
  • Jim, loved the story telling, a very entertaining listen.

    It was so good that once the interview ended, my back didn't realize I had been sitting for so long. Thank you for sharing.
  • Nice interview. I thought the discussion on Jeff Beck was particularly interesting. Beck’s continual progression as a musician has been much discussed. I’d put Jim into a similar category. It is clear from listening to Jim talk and listening to his music that he is still progressing and searching. He clearly isn’t just resting on his laurels and doing the same old thing each time out. It is very inspiring and helps motivate me to keep moving forward too.

  • A Campilongo Kind of Sunday.

    I am glad that Jim is so candid with his stories. Instead of hiding behind mystique and muse, he offers nuggets from a life of working to get better at his craft. I greatly appreciated the insights.

    A few hours before I listened to the podcast, I was teaching my daughter to drive...not always the most relaxing thing to do on a Sunday morning. I had the radio playing very softly, but then I heard something familiar and asked her to stop the car so that I could crank it up. WXPN in Philadelphia played Pepper and Cry Me a River (with Norah) back to back. We listened, caught our breath (turned the radio back down) and continued driving with ease.
  • A really cool interview..super-entertaining and informative! I thought your story about that guy yelling "YEEAAHH!!!" from "Live at Rockwood" and then trying to edit it out was hilarious...probably not so funny while trying to fix it though. We hope the Trio will be able to make a swing through the Midwest soon...really enjoyed your Oct. show at The Green Mill.
  • Wow gentlemen - thank you so much for listening and for your comments. Again, Mark Daven was incredible and he just inspired me to talk.

    Have a great day - Jim

  • The "Picasso of the Telecaster" is kind of an apt description for your style..in my humble opinion. I would even say that (at times) your playing is reminiscent of scenes from the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!" I mean this as a compliment of the highest order!
  • That's pretty good! Thank you
  • Finally had time to listen - such a great interview. The background on the making of your albums was really interesting. I like everything, but Heaven is Creepy is my favorite; the background on how that came about was really cool to hear (and I really need to see if I can get my Vibro Champ to sound like yours on Menace...).

    Jim - you mentioned a possible tour. It’d be great if you could ever make it to Denver.

    Edit to add: really excited about your new album, too! I believe you briefly posted a version of Round Midnight to YouTube; it was excellent, and I can't wait to hear what you do with it.

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