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Biller and Wakefield Hot Guitars
  • Just got turned on to this CD from TK Smith's instagram feed. Stuff is amazing. very speed and bryant-ish... anyone out there familiar with them? would love to get more information on them...
    biller.jpg 41K
  • Holy crap!! I've never heard of the CD, but I know the platers- they have played for Wayne Hancock, who always has KILLER guitar players! I'f you like that style of playing, you should definitely check out some Wayne Hancock stuff.
  • Two monster players and a great CD for sure!
    I first heard about Dave Biller through this YouTube video. It got me hooked instantly on his playing and - along with Redd Volkaert - made me want to put a Lollar CC on my tele...haha

  • Biller and wakefield (separately) were part of the Travis county/ Austin scene in the golden days of Ausitn guitar playing. It was a small crew that seems to show up on every record. The Hot club of Cowtown (Whit Smith), Dave STuckey and the hot house gang (and the dave and deke combo), Sean Mencher (from High noon)and a few others. Check out travis county pickin': https://www.allmusic.com/album/travis-county-pickin-mw0000238716 it's also a great record.
  • Whit Smith is amazing . I took a few lessons with him in NYC back in the 90's and i saw many of his small gigs in NYC while he was starting to formulate western swing bands. this was prior to hot club of cowtown

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