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Wanna buy a Fender squire classic vibe 50's
  • Hi there
    Ik had a plan to buy a Telecaster squire classic vibe 50:s for a good (cheap) price, and then i will upgrade that with the Jim Campilogno stuff

    What do you think is this a good plan?

    Thanks for Comments...

    (I do not have the money for a real Telecaster )
    Clavan (Netherland, Europese )

  • It's a very good guitar...in my humble opinion. I own the Classic Vibe Custom model and really enjoy playing. It's a "real" Telecaster...and sure sounds like one!

  • Yesterdag I have bought my Squiere Telecaster Classic Vibe 50'
    (The Blonde one, and he cost me €450,- :o)


    PhotoGrid_1518006135084.jpg 41K

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