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Carl Kress "Love Song"
  • I re-learned this tune after working on it a year or so ago and recorded a version of it for my teacher who gave me the sheet music.

    Jim has the "pioneers of jazz guitar" album under his lists of favorites and that album has some of the duets between kress and dick mcdonough. In 1938/1939 kress recorded some solo pieces. If you havent heard them its worth the time!

    If anyone wants the standard notation shoot me a message!
  • Woah - beautiful playing. Thank you for sharing.
  • That was fantastic. I love learning of and hearing older music that still sounds inventive and contemporary nearly 80 years in.
  • Very nice as usual, Corey. Please keep the videos coming!
  • Thanks for watching and the kind comments. I have been playing acoustic almost exclusively for the past two months after never really playing acoustic and it has been a lot of fun. Much easier to record a quick video so I will likely keep up with new ones.

    When I do go back to my tele I feel like a super hero!
  • Beautiful and a great performance! Thank you!
  • thanks for watching Jim!

    We exchanged gifts at work this morning and I got "Last night, this morning" on vinyl! and am enjoying it as i type!
  • Wow- Thank you!

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