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Do you play EVERY day?
  • Just curious... how many of you play every day, if only for a few minutes? Of course there are exceptions... when traveling for example, otherwise...

    I try to play every day, but some days I simply don't have the energy. I won't say "time", because truth be told, I could do it when I first get up or right before bed, if only for 5-10 minutes, unplugged. But oftentimes I find myself dreaming about playing all day (while at work or whatever/wherever), then after getting home, walking dog, making dinner, cleaning up, talking to my wife... some nights I just don't have it "in me".

    Just curious about others, how it is for them, and if they have any habits to make sure they get some playing time in? (because we all know, once you pick it up, you're in. Once you start, even if you're tired or whatever, it takes over... sometimes picking it up, for some reason, is the hardest part.)

    On another note, sometimes I'll feel refreshed and playing better after several days "off" (like taking a weekend road trip or something), but that's another story...lol
  • I enjoy practicing just about every week day morning (before my "real job") from 6-7:30am or so. (Very often with one of Mr. Campilongo's many fine lessons!) I don't know about other people...but my mind is clear and untouched by the events of the outside world at that time of day...this helps have a good energy level. But I keep a guitar at the ready ALL THE TIME and basically play it all the time..especially while watching tv. I get paid to play a few different styles of music...you gotta practice a lot to stay competent and be able to gain the attention of an audience...even if it's only 8 people in a really huge place...like this past weekend's gig:)
  • I def. play every day and try for two hours minimum but I have been giving lessons more recently so a portion is just prep for that.

    I get anxious if I take time off like its all getting lost BUT every time I do take time off and come back its refreshing and new ideas seem abundant so who knows.
  • I play every day...mostly because I love it, but also because it helps manage my daily stress level. I don't think about it too much, I just have a guitar within arm's reach and start playing.

    But playing isn't practicing...since I joined this forum, I practice a lot more...and sometimes I need to force myself to practice.
  • Between work, time with my wife, and even more time with an awesome but super high-energy dog, I really have to carve out time for focused practice. I used to manage an hour or more a day; now it's 1/2 hr. But, I do practice every day and make progress. On weekends, I get more time.

    I'd play all day, every day if I could. But, I do feel pretty fortunate to get daily time in, and as long as I keep improving, I'm pretty content.
  • Chet Atkins said he'd try and practice everyday- even for 5 minutes. Evidently it paid off! ha ha
  • So that leads to another thought...

    "playing" vs "practice"... sometimes I feel like, "I only have a few minutes, what am I going to do with a few minutes, except noodle? Why bother?" In a busy life of finding ENOUGH time to actually PRACTICE/learn something, alot of noodling happens instead. Sometimes, the "exploration" (which I find a more descriptive term than "noodling", as "noodling" implies brainless activity, whereas exploration can easily lead to increasing knowledge, even if it's what NOT to play LOL)... sometimes the exploration for a few minutes is enough to release stress, and that's good enough reason. But I get in ruts where I have little time to LEARN anything, and it gets very frustrating....

    I should just make a rule for myself- "Pick it up. Period. Every day. 5 minutes or 2 hours, just pick it up." See what happens.... I already know the answer, of course.... it's one of the loves of my life :)

    (well, it's the only non-living-thing love of my life)
  • i definitely play everyday but more often than not it is noodling...snippets of songs or tired old riffs. I take a weekly lesson, but in all honesty, i don't "practice" enough and it most definitely shows in my less than adequate playing. I play once a week with friends, this is fun but my musical tastes vary considerably from my friends so i never really get to work on the stuff i feel most passionate about.

    I think i play mostly for stress reduction (drown out the noise in my head), and pure selfish enjoyment.

    Great topic
  • The most astounding thing I ever heard at age 17 or so.. was that "Chet Atkins took guitar lessons." I don't mean when he was a kid...this would be in 1972 when he'd already been "Mr. Guitar" for decades! I think he took lessons from Lenny Breau..or even Paul Yandell. That blew my mind...but it was the most important thing I ever learned about "learning the guitar!" Also...I read that whenever he was on a cruise-ship, he took along a solid-body guitar so he good practice in his stateroom without bothering anybody! I believe this guitar was sort of a custom, fold-back neck, easy to pack in a case thing. Yup..that's why they called him MR. GUITAR!
  • I take lessons from a 95 year old who.... is ALWAYS grabbing new books that I get, watching videos and generally on the hunt for new sounds. I the Jim Hall jazz guitar book and he swiped it to photo copy a couple of pages. The hallmark of the best players is that the quest never ends!
  • A guitarist friend of mine moved into my house while I was learning Jim's Mr Sandman lesson and he remarked to a mutual friend of ours, "Mike actually PRACTICES guitar!" He was surprised that adult guitarists still practice. I think a lot of guitar players feel that way about it. Guitars are supposed to be cool and I guess practicing doesn't seem cool. I wonder if trombonists think this way.
  • What’s the difference between “practicing” and “playing?” Unfortunately for me, I have had too many periods in my life when I “put the guitar down” either because I had to (USMC - 1971 - 1973) or because life situations really didn’t allow for the time necessary to that craft (five children in the span of ten years!!). So now that I’m retired (meaning I don’t have a job where I work for wages) I try and “play” guitar everyday, no set time and for no set length of time. Some days I can spend several hours “playing” and some days it is just laying in bed with my guitar, playing unplugged while watching TV. I try and continually learn new chords or techniques, or new songs, but I don’t consider that “practicing” - to me that’s just “playing!” Now adays I have the time to re-learn tunes and techniques, lead runs and new styles I had once “mastered” but along the way forgot. So today, I try and play/practice every day! Just good, clean fun!!!
  • I practice every day. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and also experiencing improvement.
  • Metoo ;o) i try to practice every day for 5 minuten or a hour.

    (Netherlands - Oversea )
  • My playing improved quickly when I started leaving my guitar out on a stand, instead of under the bed in its case. A few minutes here and there makes a big difference. Also, since I've gotten older, I've noticed that my hands don't work very well if I don't play daily.
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