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80's top loader teles
  • there are some Fender Telecasters from the 1980's that are top loaders like Jims (no string holes in the body). Some are made in USA, some made in Japan. Does anyone have any experience with these guitars, or know anything of them? I would guess the ones made in USA are basically the same as Made in Japan. maybe different electronics, but maybe not?
  • I did own a new,made in USA Telecaster in the early 80s. It was a top-loader with six-piece bridge. The somewhat more relaxed bending feel and the, as I recall..pretty flat neck radius really made this guitar easy to play. It was nice to have even string spacing too. It had a great sound...sort of a more refined, even sound than a std. Tele. This was when Fender started changing some important specs. of standard Telecasters...and in the case of the Strat..they really screwed that up..like switching to two knobs instead of three...and (incredibly) getting rid of my favorite Strat feature: The angle-mount input jack!
    Needless to say...these were NOT popular models at the time But hey, what did WE know?

    But that 80s Tele was really good...I look for those...I miss that guitar....sharp looking too: Black w/white pickguard and light-ish maple neck..looked like a fancy tuxedo!
  • Thanks for the info on the early 80's Teles. I knew that Jeff Buckley played one but never realized it was a top loader:

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