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Be polite and respectful. Don't sell stuff. No envy, no fear, no meanness.
Thank you
  • I think this all the time and thought I'd post...

    I really appreciate how polite folks behave on our little discussion site. Not a bad apple in the bunch! It's been a pleasure...

    Have a great day! -Jim
  • I agree.!

    I think it is partially a reflection of you, Jim. Seems likely that a warm and humble artist would attract a fan base of quality people.

    Thanks to all for making this a pleasurable stop along the information superhighway

  • Definitely a helpful and supportive crowd here - it's a great forum. I've picked up some useful info here, and learned about some cool artists I wasn't aware of previously.

    Also, Jim, really appreciate your time and consideration in answering questions, etc. This forum has been a really great supplement to lessons I've ordered, and it's very cool to have an opportunity to connect with one of my favorite guitar pickers.
  • It's a great group of people and we're fortunate to be gathering because of some fantastic music and the insights into the music that you provide. Thank you!
  • Agreed!

    And I agree with this as well:
    "I think it is partially a reflection of you, Jim. Seems likely that a warm and humble artist would attract a fan base of quality people. " -awp
  • Yup. Target audience / like minded people / telecasters / princetons / jim campilongo
  • It is a surprisingly great forum. Our host gets some credit for taking the time to actually do some moderation. Also, the subgroup of people who appreciate the finer points of telecaster playing doesn't overlap too much with the subgroup of bitter and desperate people who leave mean comments on youtube all day.
  • In my humble opinion - I think one should try to be "double down polite" here on the internet - it's so easy to misinterpret written words and ruffle feathers, even without trying.

    Sometimes YouTube comments can be useless and I don't know what to make of it- my guess is many of the people writing nonsense are actually good people in person... but the etiquette maintained allows them to express anger. And we're all angry! ha ha- But writing mean stuff isn't the answer and ultimately feels bad. It feels much better to be nice & helpful...

    Sometimes a thread can be doomed to fail from the start ... Like "Top 10 overrated Guitarists" etc. etc. etc. We can live happily ever after without a thread like that. Instead "Favorite YouTube Clips" is way more productive and we LEARN.

    I've tried to apply the principles here, whenever I write on the internet, especially on Facebook, youTube etc.. Let's all spread the Campy Forum politeness to the world!

    My moderation here is almost non-existent, and again - everyone here is really nice. Thank you!

  • This is the only guitar forum ive stuck with! Its the perfect size and everyone is supportive and sharing new videos, albums, ideas and players. cannot ask for more.

    Sometimes TDPRI and others are so busy that you take a few days away and feel like the whole world has passed you by! TDPRI is a great place too.

    The fact that Mr. Jim himself participates makes it like no other place around.
  • The power of the TELECASTER!! hahaha
    Definitely it's Jim's vibe spreading over the forum. It's awesome.
  • I agree TDPRI is also a great place, despite it's gargantuan size. It's also relatively polite, because it's heavily moderated. It's a shame forums have to do that, but I prefer it to the free-for-alls in other forums. Anonymity breeds faux courage, sarcasm, and even meanness.... but the size of this forum and the people in it, require no such "legwork!"
  • Thank YOU Jim, not only for the site but for being so cool, and all the shows that never had a cover, and for being so cool about letting fans record and share your music.

    Also, just to touch on the YouTube comments above, I have a somewhat extensive YouTube channel I started just as a hobby, and it has been fun, ultimately a success, but if i could go back and do it all again, one thing i would do differently is disable all comments from all of the videos i posted, from the beginning. I never gave anything like that any thought at all, until it was way too late, and I can still go back and disable them (in some cases I have), but i think I missed a real opportunity there, to do it the right way from the start.

    that is not to say I have ever recieved a negative comment about Jim and the band, quite the opposite of course! I just mean generally, overall, its a better experience not being able to post, or read, comments. everything u need is in the video.

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