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Tone knob
  • Forgive my innocence here. Do tone swells only work well in the bridge pickup? On the neck and the middle position on my tele, I hear virtually no difference when doing tone swells, and even when not pulling a "swell" in the other two positions minus the bridge the tone knob just doesn't have as drastic a difference. Am I "tone" deaf or is the something odd going on with my 52 reissue?
  • Try boosting the bass n trebs on the amp. Making the gradient bigger increases the wah.
  • Is your neck pickup pretty muffley to start with? Maybe that's the issue.

    Personally, I don't think I have a tendency to tone swell on the neck pickup, because to me, the "right" sound is the brassy sound of the bridge and then swelling back into it.
  • amp needs to be super, super loud to really get that effect

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