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Sweet Nothings...Country Soul?
  • Hi All,
    Been working up the Country Soul lesson, which is really fun, thinking this sure sounds familiar. It's Sweet Nothings! I wonder which came first, the Sweet Nothing or the Country Soul?
    Best regards,
  • Im guessing country soul!
  • I had the same epiphany the other day about the two songs. I'm working on CS too and having tons of fun with it.
  • If you'd told me forty years ago when all I wanted to do was learn Led Zeppelin songs that I'd be enjoying COUNTRY licks...yikes.
    Twang on!
  • Country Soul was originally written as a downloadable lesson only. More then a year later I heard a "student" Peter perform it on Facebook link and I realized it was a good tune on it's own merit. I mean, they sounded really good and I thought "why not give it a try?"
    I started playing it and Honeyfingers loved it and said it was the best song I've ever written ha ha... I still love the Ab.
    Glad you like it and thanks for ordering the lesson.
  • I remember a thread a while back where we were debating whether Jim should turn that lesson into a song. It was pretty much a one sided debate.

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