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  • Very cool! I've been considering the partscaster route myself - the roasted maple necks seem cool. How does it play/sound?
  • Keep in mind that I'm no set-up expert and it's a compound (10"" - 16") radius, plus a pretty fat neck. That being said, I've got it where I like it and it plays very easily. The Nocasters are interesting, maybe a bit to "bitey" for me, but they respond well to tone-control adjustments. I've been comparing it all day with my LsL T-bone and there's little difference beyond the pickups (and the neck radius). So, I would say it's a winner! It's a new neck, so we'll see, but the oil finish on the roasted maple is something that I really really like.
  • Beautiful! I have a chopped Rutters bridge and saddles in my Cabronita build. The quality is incredible. I especially love how his saddles are compensated but still maintain that traditional look.
  • I've built a few partscasters and yes, just an oil finish on the neck is fantastic.
  • That's a beaut! What color is that body? I no longer have any 'real' electric guitars...just two that I built from mostly used parts. The tele is a used MJT body with an Allparts TMO-Fat neck, a Rutters cutoff bridge and saddles, Lollar Special T in the bridge and Fender Nocaster CS in the neck. It's a lightweight guitar that really sings. It's an 'aged' white finish but I have done most of that myself. It is roughly the color of my grandfather's white 65 Malibu that he kept parked under a sycamore.

    The offset now has a pair of mini-hums in a matte black guard. Whenever I go to a nice shop and look at electrics, I seem to gravitate towards much pricier versions of what I already have! I want my next build to be a thinline tele with a slightly smaller neck.
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