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Lenny Breau Lick Lesson
  • I tabbed this out for someone I give lessons to and figured I might as well try to share it online for those who are interested.

    I hope someone finds it useful. Sorry, it is pretty lo-fi.

    If you have never heard Lenny Breau's first album it is a real treasure and was one of the first "jazz" album I ever got into. I got incredible jazz guitar of wes montgomery and Lenny Breau's first album at the same time and whoah! Still learning them today.

    I remember trying real hard to learn this lick but was a newbie and didnt know.... about the capo. I heard the tune again recently and went back to learn it and figured it out pretty quick now... it feels good!

    This doesnt really cover the hallmarks of Lenny's Bill Evans type "style" but there are lots of articles and videos that go over that stuff.

  • Lenny was the bomb.
  • What a unique guitar player he was! I studied with a guy who taught at Berklee who took lessons from Lenny in the 70's.

    He has some funny stories to tell about him.

    He and other Berklee students would pool money to get him to come visit for a week and teach them. They would have to provide food, a place to stay, $ and supplies for his.... habits.

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