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Yoshi's Oakland Show
  • Jim,
    I didn't get a chance to stop by after the show last night, but we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. You mentioned you always do your best which is pretty damn good. Josh and Chris are just phenomenal. Josh reminds me of Keith Moon when I saw The Who in '75 and Chris is a true original. Thanks for a wonderful evening; it was the perfect way to wrap up our California trip this year.
    Best wishes,
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  • I was there as well. I had my son and an old friend who is a music aficianado but did not know Jim. He actually wasn't going to the show, we were just meeting up for dinner but then he saw Jim walk by and decided to buy a ticket. He was glad he did. I am from Portland and was in Cali on vacation with perfect timing. I sure wish he'd come up my way (I know he just hit Vancouver, but I can dream he'll make it to PDX). I thought it was a great show because the album recordings of Jim are a jumping off point and his shows, like great musicians, are further journeys. Josh and Chris were phenomenal as well. I got a picture of Jim using his phone on stage! Hope your mom is feeling better Jim!
  • jclements - Thanks for coming to the show and for your gracious post. We had a great time.

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