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Behind the nut bend question
  • I'm sorry if this is naive or if it's been covered 100 times before. Whenever I bend my B string behind the nut the string doesn't stay in tune after I release the bend and usually it goes sharp (which is unintuitive to me). Is this something that I can correct with technique, or is this reflecting a setup problem, or something altogether different?

  • Try Big Bends Nut Sauce. Put I little dap in the nut slots when you change strings. It works pretty good. I've used it on my Bigsby guitars and it helps keep things in tune.
  • I love Big Bends (vaseline also works), but I'll bet the nut slot is binding that string, and needs to be widened a hair...
  • Aside from bending and pulling on the string during changing to the point the pitch does not go flat - I use the graphite from a pencil by inserting the end of the pencil into the string slot of the nut- apply till dark.

  • But Jim, it doesn't get dark in these latitudes until august...
  • Ha! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've put some graphite on and will try Big Bends as well and let you know.
  • I've tried all of the stuff mentioned over the years, but my B string still goes a little sharp after anything higher than a half step bend. A quick little bend on the fretboard gets me back in tune...just something I've learned to live with. I have no idea why it's only the second string.
  • I used to have that problem even with graphite and sometimes I think it depends on how your nut was cut. IDK if the correlation is 100% scientific but I started using NYXL strings from Daddarrio and the behind the nut bending and tuning overall improved by a significant margin. Try them out and maybe it'll fix the problem.
  • Corey, Thanks for the suggestion. I put Mangan Round Wounds on most recently (I love the feel and tone), but I have NYXLs on practically everything else, so this is definately worth a try.
  • ...and perhaps I could learn to spell a bit better (unlikely, but I live in hope).
  • 3 in 1 oil on the saddles and trees as well?

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