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Zephaniah Ohora's new album
  • I'm really digging this guy; never heard of him before Jim mentioned him in his narcissistic newsletter. Great songs and lyrics supported by beautiful playing...love the mix too!
  • Mark - While I'm being narcissistic... here's a great well-written review about Zeph's "This Highway". Glad you like the record. Thank you!
  • Jim,
    Thanks for posting the review. And don't worry about being perceived as a narcissist; you exude humility which is very refreshing and an inspiration for me to be more so.
    Have a good one!
  • Listen to the highway right now while on my way to see jim at bar 55... the record is so good... sounds timeless....
  • “Timeless” is a good description. The cover itself reminds me of those old Columbia “360 Sound” albums from the 60s. The sound is so silky smooth and full. Zephaniah’s voice and songwriting reminds me immediately of Merle Haggard. And Jim’s guitar fills are instantly recognizable.

    What a great album, I hope it brings good fortune to Zephaniah so that this debut is only the first of much more to come.
  • Thanks for posting. Very nice! Smooth. This is the kind of country I like.
  • GREAT album by GREAT dudes. Luca deserves a shout out, too.

    Regarding "narcist," I've had the good fortune of meeting Jim and Zeph on multiple occasions (Jim at Hotel Cafe in LA, and Jim and Zeph togethor at Skinny Dennis in Brooklyn a year or two before "This Highway" was released). Both were super humble. Just because Jim can rock an ascot tie unlike the rest of us squares, that doesn't make him a narcicist. #moreascotsplease

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