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New Live Record Coming Soon “Pretty Unhinged"
  • What a joy to read the news of a new album in the last Campilongo newsletter by mail. Can you tell us more?
  • Oh my!! have to go check my email!!!

    I still say a live DVD would be worthwhile!!
  • Thanks for asking about the upcoming record tentatively called "Jim Campilongo Trio with Chris Morrissey and Josh Dion - Pretty Unhinged".

    We've been recording all the shows at Rockwood for the last year or so - I've gone through what's good and I'll be mixing the tracks next week at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn (where we made "Last Night, This Morning"). After that, I'll see what I have - and what fits on a record/LP with an i-tunes bonus track or two.

    Anyway- There's a track with Nels Cline that is about 15 minutes in duration that's good, I think. We really explored "Cock & Bull Story" that night.

    "Sneak Preview"
    One track "Big Bill" was recorded on my girlfriends i-phone and posted on YouTube- I might include this performance on the LP proper. Since I have 15 mics etc to choose from it should sound much better then this clip ...

    It will be out before Christmas - more details to come. Thanks again for your interest.

  • Looking forward to it! ;o)
  • Look forward to it as well.
  • I've really enjoyed the YouTube clips of Jim with Chris and Josh. Love the way they all cut loose.

    Really looking forward to the live CD.

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