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Alnico speakers
  • I tried weber 8a125 in my vibro champ and it was good. So I may actually try a 12 inch 30 watt, in my ec tremolo, 12 watts. I have always used ceramic because thought Alnico might be too bright. Not so, so far...any comments are appreciated.
  • I've been thinking about Alnico in PRRI but was concerned about the highs also. I'll be curious to see what others have to say as well...
  • I've actually always heard alnico as being a little rounder than ceramic BUT... so much depends on the speaker design... meaning, if you had 2 speakers that were built EXACTLY the same, but one with alnico and one with ceramic, the alnico will be a tad warmer and have a little compression. And those difference really only come out at volume.

    For example, for home playing/ lower volumes, it won't matter. At gig volumes, I think you'll be able to tell a difference. Alot of people default to ceramic (and these days, even Neo) because they're lighter and easier to carry...

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