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59 Tele at The Music Emporium
  • That is cool! I just met someone while on a trip to long island who works at the music emporium and after talking a little about our tastes he let me know about that guitar!

    Maybe it is worth a trip to try it out. Bill Frisell unloaded a ton of amps on them as he downsizes for his new NYC living situation so there is lots of stuff to check at the music emporium!
  • Wow. I didn't know that Frisell was moving to NYC. Yay for us on the east coast! I'd say it's at least worth the visit, plus the emporium is just a nice place to hang out. Who did you talk to?
  • His name is Joe (I later learned there are two Joe's at the music emporium). The one I met is a bass player. Tall skinny gent with long salt and pepper hair.

    He was the man. Has played with a lot of cool folks and knows his stuff with instruments.

    Who knows about seeing Frisell more. When you look at his touring schedule it does not look like he ever spends much time at home!

    He is playing in New Haven next month with Thomas Morgan!

  • Corey - I'm going to the 8:00 show. Should be fun!
  • @cwilliams: Any word on WHAT gear Frisell unloaded?!?! I'm sure his new square footage is a fraction of what it used to be in Seattle.

    I'm a bit of a "Billhead" (a term coined in an old GQ article of all places). Here's my reproduction of Bill's mid-2000's Thinline, one of only 25 made by Fender, and modded to Bill's specs.
    Thinline Tele_Frisell.JPG 38K
  • Thats a cool looking guitar! I think it was a few amps, I didn't really catch and/or recognize the models or brands of stuff he sold. I think a lot of the staff wants to absorb his gear but its still on display in the shop to my understanding.
  • Bill & Thomas Morgan did a beautiful show in New Haven last night. The interplay between them was other worldly.
  • That sounds very cool for him to move to NYC again. Do you know the reason? Any projects or something?
  • Bill discusses the move to NYC in detail here:


    Technically, this will be his first time "living" in NY.
  • Thanks for the link: fantastic interview and podcast!
  • It's a very nice interview. Thanks!
  • Let me just go find an ATM machine...
  • 10K for a refinish and non-original pickups? That seems a little steep.

    But Jim could probably use it for the spare pick guard, so why not! :)
  • The first time I went looking for a '59 Telecaster, probably 10-11 years ago now, Chicago Music Exchange had 2 of them! Cheapest was $25,000!!! One of them sounded really, really good! I think it was $26k.

    $10k doesn't seem that outrageous for that guitar. I've seen similar ones for $8,500-10,000.
  • every guitar player wants one at least a little bit, and the pool of players grows as the number of instruments declines.

    I forget the number but i think there are only 2500 blackguard era telecasters and imagine how many got played, destroyed or modified. thats not a lot of tele's!
  • That reminds me cwilliams, Seymour Duncan had a story of a shop he went in as a teenager and the guy was cutting up early 50's telecaster and broadcaster necks and burning them in his wood stove. When I worked at a music shop, I had multiple older players tell me about blackguard teles that they threw away because the necks twisted and they didn't know they could replace them!

    So I'd place a bet that a lot got destroyed.
  • Wow...
  • a few month later ... ;-)

    Just found this '58 Tele here. I really would like to ..., but 23k €uros - na na na. The shop is ok, but not very famous for cheap prices. Anyone interested? :-))


    regards Martin

  • I'll pass and buy a big house in Detroit... ha ha. It is nice though!
  • Check it out...We know you dig Hendrix and Princetons....so..

  • Danny54 Wow -That was funny!

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