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Tips for re-stringing to get the tuning keys in good position for mid song manipulation
  • Hi everyone,

    I pick away at the truefire course, and have been working on Mr. Sandman for a while.

    One of the neat ideas that I like from Jim's playing is how he'll detune and retune strings during performance.

    I've got a Nash Tele with the split string posts, but I can't seem to get the string lengths, or the starting angle of tuning post correct so that the key ends up in a good position for manipulation as Jim explains in the truefire video.

    Does anyone else have this issue? More importantly, has anyone else solved this one?

  • Portamenti - While changing strings... Tug on the string- it will go flat. Tune up to correct pitch. Repeat -until pitch is firm and your tuning peg is in the desired position. For me, it's 3 o'clock.

    Picking directly next to the saddle will firm up the pitch - as opposed to picking above the pick up area where the detuned string becomes floppy and the pitch evasive.

    On your low E string - Practice tuning down to D. Check your intonation with the open 4th string D. Practice returning to the original pitch (E).

    Practice tuning down to A. Check your intonation with the open 5th string A. Practice returning to the original pitch (E).

    Practice tuning down to E (an octave below your low string). Check your intonation with the two top open strings E and B played together. Practice returning to the original pitch (E).

    This will give you a chance to develop a "feel" and ear for improvised detuning. The "Monkey in a Movie" riff/lesson is a fun way to practice this.

    Have a great day- Jim

  • I approached detuning in a different way when I was into it. I got this idea from British fingerstylist Adrian Legg...check him out for a real treat.

    I put six Keith banjo tuners on a guitar I once had. I still have the tuners but not the guitar. It was a Taylor acoustic. However I have since tried the tuners on other guitars..including a telecaster I once owned. I know the tuners should fit.

    Basically the Keith tuners have two small screws to set stops, allowing you to tune up or down and to stop on a specific note. They are a little tricky at first, but work really well. Also, they have a reduced turn ratio (I think something like 6:1) so you can cover a lot of range of detuning on relatively small turns.

    You don't have to put six on your guitar. You can put them on specific strings you want to detune. I've had a lot of fun with them. Check out a YouTube video of Adrian Legg...Midwest Sunday is a good song for an example...

    This is admittedly a different approach to detuning but thought I'd chime in!!
  • Thanks to both of you for your input!

    Jim, to make sure I'm understanding, your peg is perpendicular to the headstock when you're finally stretched and in tune?

    I'll check out that lesson next!

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