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The esquire
  • Any users here?

    I tried one custom shop 1950s model and loved it .
    Dry pure tone on the bridge , dark jazzmaster tones on the neck position without the electronic mud sounds. There is something bout the way the strings vibrate too , an etheral airyness to it.
  • I don't have one. Because, ultimately, I would like to own just one guitar. And am worried that an esquire would not fill that. At least the wiring for the neck position would need to be modified.

    But the sunburst CS 63 that I played in a store a few times, still rings in my mind. Great great guitar. So I sometimes think that I ought try it with my Squier CVC... But then again, I'd love to try a fatter neck pickup too (like a P90 or a TK Smith "CC" model or something).

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