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Music (telecaster tunes) recommendations..
  • Looking for some fresh stuff to listen too.. Suggestions.. Lately I have been binging on jim's catalog, Scott metzger's wolf records, jimmy Bryant and speedy west, Julian lage , and classic jazz guitar records... Looking to keep digging into the vault.... Looking for instrumental guitar heavy stuff that leans on teles...... Recommendations please?
  • Duke Levine - pretty much any record you can find, but Beneath the Blue is my fave.
  • Redd Volkaert, Daniel Donato and of course Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan. Jeff Beck played a Telecaster on Cause We've Ended As Lovers from the lp Blow By Blow. I'll also put a plug in for my friend Charlie Ballantine; he's got a couple great jazz albums on ITunes and is currently recording a new one here in Indianapolis,
  • For more jazz Tim Lerch (check out his youtube channel, beautiful playing!), Ed Bickert, and Ted Greene.

    Don Rich is always worth coming back to; I always loved his solo on this live cut (short and sweet)

  • Some of my favorites ..in no particular order:
    1. Jim Campilongo (who you might ask?....lol)
    2. Duke Levine
    3. Big Lazy (any record is great...Stephen Ulrich uses a Gretsch Duo Jet with Dynasonics now but I believe he used a Telecaster on early records)...one of my favorite groups!!
    4. Ulrich Ziegler
    5. John 5 (the metal songs are a bit harsh but some of his country picking songs and behind the nut bending is excellent...he's a telecaster collector).
    6 Johnny Hiland...doesn't use a tele now but sure can sound like one and I think he's excellent!
  • Oh yeah...
    7. Arlen Roth.
  • Instrumental guitar heavy tele's?...The Hellecasters
  • BB King- My Kind of Blues. His early playing sounded like a tele to me. A little research confirmed my suspicion.
  • John 5 is a maniac. I read up on him a while back, was looking to just be a studio guitarist and ended up touring with KD Lang before eventually linking up with Marilyn Manson. One of the most precise technical players I know of.

    Like jtmccann, I'm not too into the metal side, but his chops are something to behold. It's kind of interesting in the country songs the rhythm section still seem to have a bit of the metal bite underneath.

  • If you want something non-telecaster based but exquisite tone nonetheless, I highly recommend anything by Johnny A.
  • Most of my favorites have already been mentioned. One other that comes to mind is Ronnie Earl. He's not a Tele player (he usually plays a Strat). But he's so good.

  • What about Bill Frisell with a Tele? New album, Small Town, coming out soon.
  • Julian Lage (Arclight album is almost all tele)


    Blake Mills (often a tele)

  • Wow Blue Cajun, that Ronnie Earl video was awesome. Thanks for the turn on!
  • You are most welcome, vashondan! And sorry for the delayed response. Just checking the forum for the first time in several weeks.

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