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Boomerang Loopers
  • These are just the best loopers if saving recordings isn't necessary. I've been using the version 1 and the plus version for some time now. The Boomerang lll looks too complicated to me. To my ears these sound virtually identical to live playing during playback and I really like the way the footswiches feel. Unfortunately the first two iterations are no longer available but can be found occasionally on the secondary market. The other good news is it looked as if they were going out of business, but a new owner was found and at least the lll will be back in production. I bring this up because I believe Jim uses these and thought there might be some interest.
    Loop on!
  • I welcome this thread!

    I love the sound and ease of the Boomarang one and two ... That said, I've never tried the Boomerang three - I'd love to hear what folks on the forum think of it.

    Boomerang one & two sound absolutely great upon play back and I like how the foot switch requires a light touch, making the downbeat seamless-as opposed to the RC 20 and the Jam Man where you have to clomp down on the footswitch pretty damn hard. Because of that, I miss the downbeat sometimes.

    The Boomerang is huge and clumsy to carry (even with the case), the foot switches break fairly often and I have trouble finding anyone who wants to repair it. And yes, there is no memory. I can't tell you how many times my guitar cable brushed against the "record" switch erasing my loop. Additionally, when I put the Boomerang in a suitcase it takes up a lot of real estate, and I need to cover it with bubble wrap because of that little volume knob that protrudes out. I've broken those volume knobs twice- in transit.

    Despite my complaints the Boomerang is my choice -the ease, the sound quality and the backwards feature are excellent.

    Again- it looks like the Boomerang three might be the solution? Anyone?
  • Good morning Jim,
    Yep we love our Boomerangs despite the idiosyncrasies. Hopefully the lll will be back in production this summer. FYI there's an outfit in Nashville that has the schematics and services them. British Audio Service: 1-615-891-1788, service@britishaudioservice.com. I had a bad switch on one of mine and contacted Benjamin Wachter...nice guy.
  • I never used a boomerang, but I love my TC Electronics Ditto X2. I've actually been interested in the X4 as it has two separate loops... but the X2 is simple, has a few effects (reverse/half speed--- half speed allows for some les paulverising). Sounds great.

    My first looper was the original ditto, but since that only has one button it was really hard to use live (double tapping to stop the loop). Very effective as a practice tool though.
  • Never used a boomerang before but have only heard great things about the early generation ones.

    I have the Boss RC-20 which I have a lot of complaints about but have had it and practiced with it for so long now that I would be too sad to see it go. Just tape off the drum beat knob and spare your hearing from the surprise drum blasts.

    I also have a DL4 that a buddy modded with better switches and added a switch to toggle between delay and loop so you do not have to lean over to the floor to get out of or into loop mode. I like that pedal a lot for ambient looping, more an effect than practicing a 32 bar standard etc.

    My feelers are out for a boomerang, hopefully I can nab one in the future!
  • I have tried every looper just about, including the Boomerang. These include the Boss RC1, RC-20, RC-300, and the Digitech JamMan and JamMan Stereo. My favorite and the one I always use is the JamMan stereo. It's easy to use, the loops are "quantized" and loops seemlessly without any glitch, and have great controls. I liked the Boomerang quite a bit, but not being able to save loops was a real downside for my needs so I stuck with the Stereo JamMan. The Boss loopers were not as user friendly for me and the RC-300 was a complex monster to use. I've been very happy with the JamMan. But I would gladly use the Boomerang if I did not need to save loops. The Boomerang has excellent song building options with different loops available at one time...something the JamMan does not do.
  • BTW. I also tried the TC Electronics Ditto X2. Owned two different ones at different times and each had a very slight button noise that I would hear when I sampled sounds while recording and listening through headphones. Did not have that issue with the others.
  • Bummer mine has a great sound... I really like the simplicity and the audio quality.
  • I have both a Ditto and a Ditto x4. I like them both. I use the Ditto x4 all of the time. Very durable and robust little devices. They don't seem to colour the sound at all.
  • I've had all three Boomerangs, and now use the III for my solo gigs.

    For me, it's a huge step beyond the functionality of the first two versions, and I was one of the people always struggling with the signal/noise ratio on the old design--the new one doesn't have any of those issues. The III pretty much replaced my Echoplex Digital Pro setup, which had more features, but was much bulkier (rack unit, large MIDI controller). For me, multiple loops is a must have, as is the ability to have one loop as the "base" loop and the others quantized on top of that. The III is deep, if you want it to be, but I found it easy to immediately use without delving into the manual. Plus, so compact.

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