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Fashion for the Suave Jazz Man
  • I love this forum; only thing is there's not much activity sometimes. My jazz heroes, Monk, Wes, Parker etc. always seemed to be snappy dressers...even during lean times. Country guys too, Chet, Johnny Cash. I thought it might be fun to discuss classy threads. Jim is obviously suave as hell. I hope I'm not being foppish, but thought it might be fun.
  • I think a musician should dress like he thought about the gig...

  • This reminds of a Jimmie Vaughan interview on GP:

    Do you experiment with gear very much?
    Well, you’re always trying to get that extra thing to put you over the top so you feel good, right? Instead of gear, I’ve found out that a cool pair of shoes works just as good. I do anything I can that makes me feel like “All right let’s get to the gig!”
  • I heard it a long time ago and I stick to it...if someone comes into the club or bar and can't tell that you're one of the performers, then you haven't done your job. That goes for drummers too!

    But my rule doesn't necessarily imply that I always look suave.
  • I dig the ascots!

    Had to chuckle when Jim said (in first video above) "I generally like to look like man"
  • I've seen Eddy Clearwater once... when he entered the stage with his Native American headdress, there was no question who the boss was! I don't know what it is with drummers, Clyde, that they so resist putting on nice clothes.

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