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Jimmie Rivers - Snippet of "Blues in C" Live at Placerville October 1, 1995
  • In 1995 I went to a restaurant in Placerville, Calif to hear the great Jimmie Rivers play with this band. Fortunately I brought a Walkman style recorder and left it on, recording the show. Mr Rivers was 70 years old at the time of this recording but his greatness still shines through. I have about 30 minutes of music and I'm currently going through the cassette finding the best moments - so far this is the most outstanding clip. Since Jimmie was under-recorded, I think it’s important to get everything he recorded out there. Not only for dedicated fans and friends, but for the uninitiated who haven’t heard his genius. I hope you enjoy it… if you haven't heard Jimmie I strongly suggest checking out “Jimmie Rivers and the Cherokees - Brisbane Bop”

  • Sweet. Thanks for sharing that. Will definitely check out your recommendation.
  • This is wonderful!
    I've been on a Jimmie Rivers kick latey - thanks in part to the Back Bay Shuffle lesson (one of the hardest and yet most rewarding and entertaining lessons I have ordered so far) and I always keep wishing that more recordings will show up!
    Thanks for sharing that, Jim!
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  • Cool recording! What a great player. I have Brisbane Bop on CD it would be nice to get it on vinyl. Difficult to find.
  • Dr. Jimmie and Mr. Jim

    Great stuff!


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